Kamchatka by @yaroslav_shuraev & zhenyaswan

“Kamchatka is called the “fiery ground”, because of its volcanoes. It is unique and unexplored..”

We are so inspired to share with you this truly amazing story of our new guests Yaroslav & Jenny.  “We travel around the world. New places, interesting people, new knowledge and impressions inspire us to create something light, free and easy. Mountains – the main force of the nature for us. We are always looking for places where you can climb higher and look around the vast expanses.”

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42df9dfea24f718120e7356cfe1a026aWe are always inspired by the power of the earth, its energy and motives. It teaches us to be strong and courageous, to fight for what you feel. Listen to yourself and to our new playlist “Beat”, may be some right thoughts will visit your mind during this time. Be in harmony & have a productive week.  Aloha!

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11364017_1004886276222979_912465699_nSvalbard by @lizasidorina

Aloha Gaia is everywhere and we love seeing your photos with a hashtag #alohagaia_everywhere. You travel and our jewelry travels with you, every day you live and walk through the streets of your city. Looking at all of your pictures we are mentally carried to each place and see it through your eyes. It’s truly inspiring to continue doing something more than jewelry but also creating our big family. Share your photos and feelings, each of you is unique and each piece of jewelry is changing along with its owner!

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Aloha Means Love : Love Warms

d1f93b0b749fe49526fae5ecd0a19ac8Love warms. Love to everything around us, to life and to our surroundings. How else? Even if your friend is far away, you two are still connected with a subtle thread. These threads intertwine with each other like webs that make us to feel confident and secure. Something pulls you forward and this something is our family, friends and loved ones. Today, do what you forget about in the bustle – hug your dear ones, tell them you love them, call or send a letter! Have a great weekend, and feel the love everywhere and in yourself!

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11569144f3f5c316681e8bb1bb0f7a73It’s not a secret that one of our offices is located in Bangkok. We have one more dream – studio on the island. A place where the whole team would come together for working and for having a good time. This place would be incredible, don’t you think? Warm air, ocean, fresh juices and bright colors are everywhere. Dream studio!

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11142174_1386371051687408_1021680576_n            “Seasons come and seasons go. Thankful that the tough seasons in life don’t last, but have an ending. Good and wonderful things to come!”. Today we are inspired by @ioegreer, enjoy this Monday, stay calm and be delighted with the life. We love you and we care about you, magic time is coming and we are preparing something really splecial!

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“The best adventures are the unexpected ones. On a Monday morning, instead of going back to our schedules and routines, my husband and i decided to head to the island’s mountain Ainos for a hike. Those spontaneous moments are what we live for.”
Thanks to our guest, also talented graphic designer & hand letterer Cocorrina for this true magic post and for wearing Tanit + Vibe pendants!

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IMG_0013We are so happy you enjoyed our previous DIY post on Halloween decorations, so we decided that we should do more of these. Moon phases remind us of the cyclic recurrence of time and that we must be able not only have time for work, but also rest at the right time. That’s why we decided to make a simple but beautiful garland for our studio. And of course share how quick and easy it is to do yourself.

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Our Dream Studio is a small planet named Aloha Gaia. Life will definitely be on this earth! The question is how to make it comfortable and unique for every member of our team at the same time. The place for free thinking with natural colors and green plants. But what it will be exactly..Who knows! Let’s dream a little and imagine this place together.

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Music is made of senses. If you are looking for positive emotions, inspiration or energy charge – just turn on a favorite track or find a new favorite playlist among those that we choose for you every Monday. Magic is everywhere and November is full of it. Good week, our dear friends! Believe in yourself and do not forget to smile :)

– Playlist is inside –

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