18fd57475d3ed2d8df70c07c7303faa0Aloha means love and that is true. That’s why the name of our brand is overflowing with a special feeling. Gaia – the Earth or the ancient Greek goddess. Aloha – opened love, comprehensive and free. The kind of love that fills our lives with light and positive energy. This feeling moves us forward and does not let us give up, supports our faith and a sense of unity with the world and the cosmos. Aloha Gaia is an incredible combination of words about beauty. We are pleased to carry this love in ourselves to you with our jewelry.

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1Thursday is time to listen to yourself and think about how to spend the weekend. Sometimes we have hard days, when our bodies are under a lot of stress. In moments like this, each of us wants to relax and spend time in silence and homeliness. We have a couple of ideas that female part of our team often embodies at the end of the week :)

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Today, once again we want to dream of a place where we could create our own world. Our jewelry combines ancient symbols and minerals, but the design is always created for a modern man. So the studio of our dreams, like any Aloha Gaia piece, will be filled with a special atmosphere and details that will talk about our philosophy better than words.

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New week. Let’s invent new routes and walk more! If your morning is free, why not run out into the street with the first rays of the sun, wearing headphones and turn on our new playlist. Watch the city waking up! So many interesting stories going on every day, just let them happen to you. Smile to yourself and passers-by, enjoy each step and think about what things and moments make you happier. What are you really dreaming about? Look around and you’ll see something new if you raise your eyes higher. You may even think that it is another city.

We wish you a bright and productive week!

– Playlist is inside –

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1Autumn is a time to dream and watch colorful dreams. Wash the cold down with the best jasmine tea. Rains at this time do not upset us, autumn is a time for all those umbrellas tucked away in a corner. It’s time for new raincoats and rainboots – to personally discover the depth and the number of puddles. Autumn is a time to think, to feel «here» и «now». 

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It seems like autumn is a time for a pause. There is a time when we all need to stop and look around, understand where we are and where we want to be. This playlist was created precisely for that. Put away your laptops and smartphones, make a cup of herb tea, turn off the lights and light candles. Relax, close your eyes smile to yourself. Let the sounds take you away for a short time so you can feel the rhythm of your life.

– Playlist inside –

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7It’s Thursday once again, let’s dream about the upcoming weekend together! Let’s dress a little bit warmer and go into the woods to breathe sweet fresh air, look up and enjoy autumn’s color game. Let’s take our friends, make a fire and warm our hands from the spurts of flame. The wind will sing songs along with the leaves and we will sing along with our laugh. What can be better than days spent with your loved ones? Perhaps the time we spend with ourselves when we do what we love. Like drawing, writing notes or taking photographs? Learning languages, making presents or feed the birds on the lake? Anything you like, just take an hour of your day and make yourself a little bit happier!

Aloha, we wish you a soulful and memorable weekend. Fill your days with life!

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5fd4968a9daf8649d98fcc701c2796bcWorkspace and a welcoming home all in one. It is our team’s dream. Isn’t it wonderful when everyone around you is working calmly, because they can always change the office to the table in the garden or sofa near the fireplace, turn on their favorite record or play the guitar. We would like our guests to feel relaxed so they would want to come here again and again, not only for business, but also for a good time. How wonderful it would be if everyone could find the activity they like to do most in their spare time, would not hurry but enjoy every minute, because it is a second home, where you are always welcome.

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7d4310600dde676d248bb204a342bc2eThe beginning of the week and a new time. In the autumn we seek completely diverse music. Nature is changing and we feel differently. Autumn delights us with rain and sunshine, golden hues and the ability to enjoy the time in the company of loved ones and ourselves. In this playlist we have gathered tracks that will be nice to run to in the mornings, cook pumpkin soup in the kitchen, walk your dog in the park, drink tea with friends or work at home, or maybe sit in your favorite cafe overlooking the street.

Enjoy the time and moments. Warmth and smiles. Autumn vibes only :)

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