Big Ben

“One of the most amazing things about London is that, no matter how long you’ve lived here, there is no way you will ever know this city fully. Regardless of how long you explore one particular area, you can always unexpectedly pop onto something new, like a recently opened coffee shop or bakery, pretty hidden alleyways and mews you haven’t noticed before or a new gallery that was just opened in a place you’ve walked past thousands of times and didn’t even had a clue that any art event might be happening around there. And that’s the magic of it: In London, you never get bored.”

Today we take a walk through the wonderful and charismatic London together with Olga @liolaliola, which has agreed to be a guest on our blog and will gladly tell us about the most favorite places in the city during this season. Is it possible not to fall in love with London streets at first sight?

London Streets

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gypsylovinlightphoto by @gypsylovinlight, our best amazing stockist

Calm your thoughts and vibrations inside you, let the space around do its job and fill every cell of your body with something special and new. Aloha – enjoy our new playlist “FLOW”!

GUEST POST : The Touch of Pachamama by @puakai


“As I look out into the vast landscape of the remote, indigenous village of Q’eros my heart fills with a warmth. I observe beneath my feet tiny violet flowers budding within the vibrant green moss, in the distance alpaca dancing together up the mountainside towards the sun, above me Andean gulls circling within the luminous rain clouds and all around me I hear the gentle whisper of the flowing stream, carrying glacier water from Apu Wamanlipa down through the ancient stones.”

The Touch of Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Words by Maggie Harrsen (

Photographs by Chaunté Vaughn (


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beauty of the land

Playlist “FILL” for those who are a little tired and want to spend a carefree half an hour of their time to recuperate and get back to favorite business!

winter mountain



The mood to create magic is literally in the air. Just for a moment you want to be above the sky and see flying Pegasus. It fits perfectly our picture of the world, we hope that you also haven’t yet unlearned to dream of impossible things. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s an enormous joy for us to see our jewelry getting into the most talented and magical hands! Just like this Maria(@gulyaevam) often pleases us with her works which are filled with magic and are shining from the inside.

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girl and musicphoto by brandymelvilleusa

Every Monday- new playlist. Every Monday you want to find as much inspiration for the coming week as possible. Design new mood board, listen to the music and make fantastic plans which will come true for sure! Aloha <3



Space – it is alive. Each small and big detail holds its own history thanks to the moments created by us and time. You shouldn’t seek to fill each corner with meaningless beautiful things. It’s better to let events of your life turn things that might seem simple at first sight, into something magical and memorable. Even if it will require many trips, walks, stories and acquaintances – was that ever a punishment? :)


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