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  • Aloha Muses: Autumn Vibes Campaign Extention

    AlohaGaia_fall_15-8-RecoveredA small bonus and an extension of our “New autumn vibes campaign”. We truly enjoy your photos that you share with a hashtag #autumnvibesonly. Never stop smiling and inspiring! Stay light, bright and special. We love you and share our mood with you for the weekend! We hope you already have a plan of action, and if not – enjoy spontaneity and your favorite activities. Let the weather bring joy to you and may your heart be filled with love! (more…)

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    Inner Universe – Summer 2015 Collection by Aloha Gaia
    With summer coming we step into a new period of our lives: full of communications, new acquaintances, deeper connection with the nature and the world around. We have filled this collection with amulets, symbols and gemstones, that help us to preserve energy, protect us, develop a better communication with ourselves and others, feel and be able to control our inner power.