• Inspiration
  • Aloha Gaia Music: Memory Lane


    Autumn is the season for warm sweaters and pumpkin latte. This is the time for comfort and relaxation. We would like to present you our new melodic and tranquil playlist ‘Memory Lane’ by our friend Dmitry Titov. Turn it on tonight and hear the story of love, separation, farewell and forgiveness. You will hear the Icelandic romance, St. Petersburg electronics and saxophone interlude.

  • Inspiration
  • Aloha Gaia Music: Road To Agarty by Nuno



    Let’s go on a musical journey to the mysterious country of Agharthy today, which is located on the other side of the Earth. According to the legend, there are endless fields and hills covered with flowers there, keepers of traditions live in this country as well as true teachers and rulers of the world. In this magical place people have their own Sun, which gives them warmth and light. Reaching Aghartha is impossible for those who are not sanctified – only for the chosen ones this country is approachable.