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    The mood to create magic is literally in the air. Just for a moment you want to be above the sky and see flying Pegasus. It fits perfectly our picture of the world, we hope that you also haven’t yet unlearned to dream of impossible things. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s an enormous joy for us to see our jewelry getting into the most talented and magical hands! Just like this Maria(@gulyaevam) often pleases us with her works which are filled with magic and are shining from the inside. (more…)

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  • Aloha Means Love : Love Warms

    d1f93b0b749fe49526fae5ecd0a19ac8Love warms. Love to everything around us, to life and to our surroundings. How else? Even if your friend is far away, you two are still connected with a subtle thread. These threads intertwine with each other like webs that make us to feel confident and secure. Something pulls you forward and this something is our family, friends and loved ones. Today, do what you forget about in the bustle – hug your dear ones, tell them you love them, call or send a letter! Have a great weekend, and feel the love everywhere and in yourself! (more…)

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    18fd57475d3ed2d8df70c07c7303faa0Aloha means love and that is true. That’s why the name of our brand is overflowing with a special feeling. Gaia – the Earth or the ancient Greek goddess. Aloha – opened love, comprehensive and free. The kind of love that fills our lives with light and positive energy. This feeling moves us forward and does not let us give up, supports our faith and a sense of unity with the world and the cosmos. Aloha Gaia is an incredible combination of words about beauty. We are pleased to carry this love in ourselves to you with our jewelry. (more…)