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    Freshening up your “dull” interior with wallpaper is easy! Is it time to transform your gloomy interior? Summer is quick approaching and what better way to enjoy your home than with a super-easy, fresh new look!

    Great tips from our amazing guests, two sister in-laws from Vancouver @anewalldecor (web). Anewall creates original wall art decor with the highest of quality standards. Their products include large vintage art prints, canvas art, wall murals, vintage posters, wallpapers and more. they are also pleased to offer you unique, custom art work for your home.5 (more…)

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  • GUEST POST : SPRING MOODBOARD BY @courtneysteeves

    With Love And Light,
    Courtney (@courtneysteeves & website)
    My heart is overflowing with excitement as my favorite time of year starts to bloom.  Spring.  The season of new beginnings.  As the sun starts to grace us with its warmth once again, I am feeling energized and ready for adventure. Spring is a time for mornings at the farmers market, searching for the best bouquet of flowers and sipping lavender lemonade.
    Spring is a time for long road trips, chasing the sunlight with the windows rolled down.  Spring is a time for late night bonfires, dancing and singing underneath the moon with loved ones.  Spring is a time for happiness.  As warmth fills the air, and our hearts, I encourage you to take this new beginning and do whatever it is you have been craving to do all winter long.  Spring is here.  Let’s make it a beautiful one.
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    “Our three day journey began in my room; cramped with five restless kids who eagerly woke up at the crack of dawn to pack away our goods in the car for our trip to Havasu Falls. Completed with a coffee, an Einsteins bagel, and a pillow for the car ride — we were ready.” 

    Today we are happy to share with you this colorful story by Natalie Allen (@natalieallencowebsite). Desert based academic, photographer, and yoga teacher running with the wolves. Enjoy!

    IMG_2006 (more…)

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    Big Ben

    “One of the most amazing things about London is that, no matter how long you’ve lived here, there is no way you will ever know this city fully. Regardless of how long you explore one particular area, you can always unexpectedly pop onto something new, like a recently opened coffee shop or bakery, pretty hidden alleyways and mews you haven’t noticed before or a new gallery that was just opened in a place you’ve walked past thousands of times and didn’t even had a clue that any art event might be happening around there. And that’s the magic of it: In London, you never get bored.”

    Today we take a walk through the wonderful and charismatic London together with Olga @liolaliola, which has agreed to be a guest on our blog and will gladly tell us about the most favorite places in the city during this season. Is it possible not to fall in love with London streets at first sight?

    London Streets (more…)

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  • GUEST POST : The Touch of Pachamama by @puakai


    “As I look out into the vast landscape of the remote, indigenous village of Q’eros my heart fills with a warmth. I observe beneath my feet tiny violet flowers budding within the vibrant green moss, in the distance alpaca dancing together up the mountainside towards the sun, above me Andean gulls circling within the luminous rain clouds and all around me I hear the gentle whisper of the flowing stream, carrying glacier water from Apu Wamanlipa down through the ancient stones.”

    The Touch of Pachamama (Mother Earth)

    Words by Maggie Harrsen (www.puakaihealing.com)

    Photographs by Chaunté Vaughn (www.chauntevaughn.com)

    puakai (more…)

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  • Kamchatka by @yaroslav_shuraev & zhenyaswan

    “Kamchatka is called the “fiery ground”, because of its volcanoes. It is unique and unexplored..”

    We are so inspired to share with you this truly amazing story of our new guests Yaroslav & Jenny.  “We travel around the world. New places, interesting people, new knowledge and impressions inspire us to create something light, free and easy. Mountains – the main force of the nature for us. We are always looking for places where you can climb higher and look around the vast expanses.”

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    “The best adventures are the unexpected ones. On a Monday morning, instead of going back to our schedules and routines, my husband and i decided to head to the island’s mountain Ainos for a hike. Those spontaneous moments are what we live for.”
    Thanks to our guest, also talented graphic designer & hand letterer Cocorrina for this true magic post and for wearing Tanit + Vibe pendants!