c67cb4c7abef0bc33eef811e37816fbf_grandeCrystOne of our biggest inspirations in life is nature and everything it produces. Magic of crystals’ impact on everything living, wondrous healing properties of herbs, Moon’s and Sun’s influence on us, interconnection between all elements on the planet. Each small process is almost magical in its properties and impact on every single one of us.

In the «WISDOM» series posts we will be sharing the properties of crystals, ideas about the healing herbs, stories about yoga, essential oils and other interconnections that you can adapt to your lifestyle even if you are living a busy megapolis life.1f228ab70225923c68949489d53c24e3_grandeToday we are going to tell you a little bit about Quartz that we use in our jewelry.

Quartz is the most powerful healer and booster of energy on the planet. It cleanses and improves the condition of our organs, strengthens mussels and protects from radiation. On the spiritual level this crystal lifts your energy to the highest possible level. Being perfect for meditation it allows you to filter anything that distracts you. Also Quartz is an excellent healer. It can be used in any circumstances: it stimulates the immune system, regulates the condition of the body, it harmonizes all the chakras and connects the delicate bodies.