natural stones and crystals

Each piece from the Stardust collection has a natural stone faceted like a diamond. We decided to use this new cut because energy guide lines and a diamond shaped crystal symbolize the spirit, the energy. Having a purpose and concentration, you’re directing your  strengths to something, sharing your energy with other people, collaborating.

We found perfect stones with very beneficial qualities for the magical Stardust jewelry.
aloha-gaia-stardust-midi-ringStardust Midi Ring with white topaz Topaz directs energy in the right direction, motivates and gives confidence. aloha-gaia-stardust-white-topazStardust Ring with white topaz

White topaz also has the property of renewing energy, discarding everything negative and old. 

blue topazaloha-gaia-stardust-blue-topaz-pendantStardust Pendant with blue topaz

Blue Topaz – gives wisdom, guides in the right direction, helping to cut off the unnecessary.

Aloha Gaia Stardust EarringsStardust earrings with black shpinel

Black Spinel possesses energy renewal, gives resistance and protection.

Aloha Gaia Stardust pendantStardust Pendant with black shpinel